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District X Rules Empty District X Rules

Post by Base on 2nd November 2012, 03:18

Here at District X we don't have a lot of rules. Why? Because we're a laid back community and you should already know how to behave. This topic will go through a few points that you might be unsure on.

1. Offensive Language:
Curse words are allowed to be used within reason. You must not, however, deliberately aim them at anyone in particular. Racist and other language considered to be controversial are strictly not allowed.

2. Consecutive Posting & Flood:
On this forum you are allowed to post after you have just made a post. This will only be frowned upon if you're doing it just to increase your post count or if it's spam.

3. Post Content:
Your post must not contain anything illegal such as warez or pornography as this is against Forumotion's terms of service.

4. Advertising:
For all advertising, please use the Promotion section. Anywhere else is not allowed.

5. Signature and Avatar:
Keep it clean. If you display anything inappropriate, it may be removed without notice.

That's about it. I hope you're happy seeing how short that was.
If your behaviour isn't very good then we will ban you. No warnings, simple as that. Of course, banning is a rarity and we don't hand them out lightly. So enjoy yourselves! Smile

District X Rules Base
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