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Hexagon: The Survival Game

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Hexagon: The Survival Game Empty Hexagon: The Survival Game

Post by TWiLiGHT on 21st April 2011, 09:37

It's a story we're gonna try and write in the near future.

The year is 2092. . .
The world finds itself faced with a great threat. Rising unemployment. The economy is in a meltdown, The entire planet is in crisis.

The year is 2100. . .
On the turn of the century, Hexagon, a company meant to better the country, is established. The government empowers Hexagon to route all power to the main Hexagon building. For years afterwards, Hexagon provides power for the entire country. The process becomes so defined that many other nations begin to form contracts with Hexagon, allowing it to power their entire country.

The year is 2113. . .
Hexagon...crashes. All power in the world is cut. In a world with no more natural abundancy, the human race can only survive for so long.

The year is 2114. . .
A year after Hexagon's innitial crash, semi-apocalyptic Earth finds the power has returned under the power of Hexagon. They are informed that Hexagon...is alive.

The year is 2137. . .
Hexagon watches...Hexagon...Is Everywhere.

~A TWiLiGHT Production~

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Hexagon: The Survival Game Empty Re: Hexagon: The Survival Game

Post by sign those tits on 14th June 2011, 04:46

you're quite good at RPG type stuff.
sign those tits
sign those tits

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