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Joining the staff team

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Joining the staff team Empty Joining the staff team

Post by Base on 1st April 2011, 04:45

To join the staff team, we are looking for people who fit the characteristics required to be a good staff member. If we find someone who does fulfill these requirements then we may ask them through a private message. Of course, they are free to accept or to refuse.

To be considered, you should be...

  • ...an enthusiastic and energetic person
  • ...active and contributing a lot
  • ...well-behaved
  • ...a sensible and trustworthy person
  • ...able to maintain a level of professionalism i.e. make an effort with spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • ...able to work well as a team - co-operation is key
  • ...able to make justified decisions based on evidence and circumstances
  • ...knowledgable in your field
  • ...an awesome member in general
  • ...confident and showing leadership skills

Of course, no one is able to fullfill every single characteristic... but the more you can fulfill the better your chances are of being invited. You can also submit an application form to join the staff team when we are in need of staff members.

Joining the staff team Base
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